A selection of text types for you to read, enjoy, think about ...

These will be posted up on the Friday of each week for a 5 question multiple choice test the following week (your last lesson of the week). Most of the questions will simply be memory recall - we won't be trying to trip you up - just checking that you've read it properly. 

On Paper 2 in your GCSE English Language you have two non-fiction texts which you answer a series of questions on. Then you have 45 minutes to write your own non-fiction piece e.g. a speech, an opinion article, a letter ...  These reading homeworks, if taken seriously, should help you become a more confident reader and writer. sometimes you might get a C19th text in preparation for Paper 1. 

Class and homework

A link to an online fiction or non-fiction text will be provided every Monday of term time. The expectation is for every student in Year 10 to have read the text by the last lesson of English in the week - whether that is Wednesday or Friday - that becomes the deadline. 

On the last lesson of the week there will be a starter activity that asks 5 questions about the text. There may be some questions based on interpretation but most will primarily be about content recall. Marks will be recorded. Students who repeatedly do poorly on these short tests, we will assume are not doing their homework and contact with home will be made.

The aim of all this is to expand students' diet of reading - introduce them to new writers, ideas, genres and formats. We hope they will enjoy this weekly homework. In their GCSE English Language exams there are three different unseen texts. Reading little and often will give them confidence to answer questions on texts they have not encountered before.